Oil & Gas

CME has extensive experience in fast track projects, such as E&I work for early production facility (EPF), Tank Farm, PAR & PAU, Process Skid Packages and Port/Jetty. We are providing a comprehensive support to our clients. Our project teams are comprised of qualified and experienced professional Project Managers, Engineers and Construction Staff. It is the objective of each project team to obtain the best result in terms of cost, quality, safety and schedule.

The company has a full-fledged Engineering and Construction team and has the capability to undertake works for industrial solutions covering small and medium scale projects in Middle East, Iraq & Africa.

The services offered as part of for Oil & Gas are:

⚫ Detailed Engineering

⚫ Electrical

⚫ Instrumentation

⚫ Process Control & Automation


⚫ Construction & Project Management in

   ✦ Early production facility (EPF)

   ✦ Tank Farm

   ✦ Petrochemical/Refinery

   ✦ Process Skid Packages

   ✦ Power Generation

   ✦ Water Treatment Plants

   ✦ Port/Jetty

   ✦ Other Industrail Projects

⚫ Testing & Pre-Commissioning

⚫ Start-up & Commissioning

⚫ Operation & Maintenance