HSE Policy

CME is an OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 14001:2004 standards certified Organization. The Company is committed to provide a safe, healthy and secured work place for its employees. The Company is keen to ensure good communication links are maintained with employees and sub-contractors and that all affected personnel are informed about our health and safety policy and the organization and arrangements for carrying it out, together with their own safety responsibilities prior to starting work. The company policy is defined and strongly driven by the implementation of following management principles and behaviors:

⚫ Prepare and keep up-to-date a Statement of the Company Policy for Health, Safety & Environment. Ensure that it is brought to the notice of all Employees and Sub-contractors and are followed

⚫ Set up a system of disciplinary procedures for cases where a breach of this policy occurs or where duties are not properly carried out. Disciplinary procedures could result in minor instances of reprimand or warning, and for further breaches: suspension without pay e.g. for rest of the day, warning of dismissal and dismissal itself

⚫ Training, awareness and capacity building of employees on the en-listed health, safety & environment standards

⚫ Prevention of pollution to the environment, arisen from our business operation

⚫ Demonstrating the Company's commitment to best HSE practice to employees and supervisory staff through ongoing attention to detail in all matters of practical application of current Health, Safety & Environment policy, arrangements, procedures and equipment and substances

⚫ Continuously monitor and Review both policy and feedback concerning Health & Safety procedures and situations in order to identify and implement improvements

⚫ Extend cooperation to clients, stake-holders and local authorities

⚫ To comply with relevant legal legislation