HVAC Systems

Over the years, CME has emerged as an expert in the design, installation and management of mission critical refrigeration and HVAC systems in Oil & Gas sector. We specialize in optimizing system performance while reducing the use of energy and impact on the environment in compliance with Leed Green Building Norms. We focus our expertise on these systems because they drive nearly half of the energy use and significantly contribute to the carbon footprint for many of our customers.

CME undertakes following services for HVAC Systems:

Detailed Engineering:

⚫ Heat load calculation using Carrier HAP 4.5 software

⚫ Detailed duct designing and sizing as per ASHRAE and SMACNA standards

⚫ Ventilation/over pressurization calculations for different areas

⚫ Preparation of Shop drawings

⚫ Preparation of necessary data sheets for submission

⚫ Approval from client and consultants

⚫ Preparation of method statements ITP and other safety related documents, as built drawings/project closeout documents


⚫ Steel and GI ducts

⚫ Duct fittings

⚫ Structural supports for AC machines

Supply, Installation and Commissioning:

We offer equipment supply, site installation, testing and commissioning services for following items:

⚫ Air conditioning systems including DX type air handling units, package AC units, closed control AC units, split AC units

⚫ Air cooled/water cooled chiller AC and associated systems

⚫ Chilled water pumps, thermal storage systems underground/above ground chilled water piping values & accessories etc.

⚫ BMS / HVAC control panels

⚫ Duct heaters and variable air volumes (VAV)

⚫ Motorized dampers, motorized fire dampers and volume control dampers

⚫ Duct installation and fittings

⚫ Grilles, diffusers, exhaust louvers, sand trap louvers, etc