MEP division is leading MEP contracting company focuses on Electromechanical works - HVAC, BMS/Building Automation Systems. Electrical - power distribution systems, lighting, backup power system (including solar), fire detection and alarm system, small power systems - CCTV, Access control system, Lighting control, Structured data cabling, Telephone/Public addressing/ Communication systems. Plumbing - cold and hot water, drainage, fire protection, gas, plumbing and sanitation, rainwater, sewage treatment and swimming pools. Applications - high rise buildings, shopping malls, offices, public buildings, defense, theatres, schools, banks, power stations, hotels, manufacturing.

The services offered as part of for MEP are:

⚫ Detailed Engineering

⚫ Construction & Project Management in

   ✦ Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing works for all types Infrastructure/Commercial Buildings

   ✦ Fire Detection & Fire Alarm System

   ✦ Low power systems such as CCTV, Access control, Lighting control, Structured data cabling, Telephone/Communication, Public addressing, BMS/Building Automation, etc.