Total IT Solutions

CME maintains a diverse Project portfolio which targets major Industrial and Commercial Clients. CME is now at your disposal, on-site PC/Network/Server maintenance or remote troubleshooting. CME IT Solutions services reduce the baseline expenses and increase efficiency and reliability at a lower cost. Clients can depend on CME IT Division for any type of technical support for their Organization.

The services offered as part of for Total IT Solutions are:

⚫ IT Infrastructure development - WAN/LAN Design & Installation

⚫ Network System Optimization & Maintenance

⚫ Spyware/Malware and Virus removal

⚫ Office Automation - Document Management System & ERP Solutions

⚫ Open Source Solutions & Software development

⚫ Voice Over IP (VoIP) Solutions for Business

⚫ Cloud Computing, Remote Server and File Access

⚫ Windows® and Linux® based server setup